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For over 40 years, our reputation within the jewelry industry and commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business has earned us a trusted alliance with our associates and customers.


The finest jewelry creations and custom work in the territory

 The combination of our exceptional quality and extraordinary value has drawn thousands of couples to Gold Rush Fine Jewelry in Alaska. At Gold Rush Fine Jewelry, we make every effort to sustain the highest level of excellence in the quality of our fine jewelry and the services provided to each buyer of our unique jewelry.

Alaskan Gold Rush Fine Jewelry first opened our doors back in 1978. Back then we had a small shop upstairs in the Co-Op Plaza. We moved next door in 1987 to our current location. Over the decades we have served Fairbanks we've enjoyed seeing the growth and changes both to downtown Fairbanks and to our small business. 

Over the years, our mission has stayed the same: create the highest quality most beautiful work around at fair prices. 

Our website relfects our sales floor inventory to a degree. Most of our effort is focused on getting our gold nugget jewelery selection online, which is the heart of what we do and sets us apart. If you'd like to see more of our diamond or gemstone inventory and can't come in to visit us in person just let us know via email or a phone call and we'll be happy to assist. Our inventory system is simple and classic - it's all paper based. Which means when something sells in our shop it isn't automatically updated on our website. So if you want to be extra sure something is in stock, just give us a call. Furthermore, it means when jewelry is remade or gold prices fluctuate prices don't always get updated online. We will do our best to reflect accurate pricing, but with the gold market being what it is, there are times when prices fluctuate and we ask for your understanding. 

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